Friday 23rd of January 2009 11:51:38 PM

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PolishedCode.com and the application Topics

I am developing an application called Topics. It is a topic map-based tool to manage and organize unstructured data; basically anything that doesn't fit into a tidy database, a.k.a. tables. The application enables the user to create so-called topics and link them in every way imaginable. Once linked, you can navigate the resulting topic map in a very straight-forward manner. Furthermore, you can attach resources to your topics. These resources include images and PDF-files. The application will be a desktop application, implemented in Adobe AIR.

Implementing the application as a Rich Internet application (RIA) with Adobe AIR, I am hoping to provide a vastly improved user experience. Specifically, the availability of powerful graph visualization libraries that allow you to visually layout the relationships between topics contribute to making the whole topic map experience very intuitive and appealing.

The application will not focus on being a topic map-based CMS (there are more than enough CMS systems available for me to be adding another one). In summary, the application will be about knowledge discovery, management and organization. The topic map model is the model to end all models, that is, a meta model... so yes, the application can be used to model mind maps, but much more as well.

Very shortly, the accompanying web site (PolishedCode.com) will be up and running, in the meantime, if you are interested, you can follow my progress (or lack of progress) on Twitter.

Topics logo


Thinking out of the box@09-02-20 13:46:32 by Brett Kromkamp

Maybe I should move away from blue being the dominant colour for the logo ;-)

Topics application@14-04-07 12:03:49 by Brett Kromkamp

The Topics (RIA) application has been discontinued.